Michael Gough

  • Michael Gough

Michael is a CISSP, CISA and CSIH with 20 years experience in IT and Information Security and is currently in the Healthcare sector. In the past, Michael has been a senior security consultant for Hewlett Packard and other consultancies as well as a security analyst in the financial and Health Care sectors and the State of Texas. Michael now focuses his talents as a Blue Team Defender, Incident Responder, malwarian fighter and malware archaeologist, protecting his employer from nefarious ne’er-do-wellers.

Michael also ran, with his partner, the BSides Texas Conference entity for 6 years with events in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Plus, he led the BSides Austin conference helping the community improve their information Security talents. In 2012, Michael discovered malware impacting the gaming industry known as WinNTI, 10 months before Kasperski released their public report on WinNTI. Michael also discovered and exploited a major Card Key system flaw back in 2010 which can be found on YouTube.

In addition, Michael is co-creator of LOG-MD, a free Windows logging and malicious behavior discovery tool to help defenders improve their Windows logging, discover malicious behavior and malware for Blue Teamers and Incident Responders. Michael also created the “Malware Management Framework,” a process to help discover and manage malware programs. Lastly, Michael developed several “Windows Logging Cheat Sheets” to provide a starting point on detailed logging for Windows hosts, all of which can be found on his website: MalwareArchaeology.com