U.S. Cyber Vault

US Cyber Vault is the world’s most secure cloud platform for healthcare and banking. Building on 20 years in cyber security, USCV protects against threats, provides a secure data and computing environment and is supported by an incident response team of counter intelligence experts.

We protect your assets with hardened security implemented at every layer, from hardware to application. Military-grade encryption is applied to all your data and communications by default and the speed of our threat detection is unparalleled: less than 24hrs, not the industry standard of 7 months. If an unplanned event should occur, countermeasures trap the attacker and mitigate damage while our counter intelligence team responds immediately.

US Cyber Vault’s secured environments not only protect you from external threat, they also act as clean rooms for isolated testing, off-site disaster recovery and secure computing, giving you complete control over your most valuable assets.

Confidently manage your cyber risk and make threat response a non-event. www.uscybervault.com