Elevating the Cybersecurity Conference

By the time I created ShowMeCon in 2014, I had spoken at conferences in over 20 countries and countless states. I saw countless moments of magic at many of these events and thought if we could combine these moments, we could elevate the conference experience. Throughout the past decade, we have continued to improve our conference by focusing on Education, Support, and Community.


At the heart of a conference should be relevant education for the attendees to help them increase their skill sets. At ShowMeCon, no one can pay to speak. All talk submissions are scored by a committee of information security professionals and are rated on their topic, depth of knowledge, and relevance to the everyday work of the attendees. Our speakers are passionate about their field and love sharing knowledge and spending time with our attendees.

Past Speakers include;

  • John Matherly – Founder Shodan
  • Chris Tuncer – Creator of Eyewitness / The Veil Framework
  • Raphael Mudge – Creator of Cobalt Strike
  • Jayson E Street – International Hacking Speaker


As a cybersecurity and privacy conference, we do not collect personal information on our attendees. This means our sponsors do not receive an attendee list. Despite this our sponsors come back year after year. They understand and support the nature of our industry. Our sponsors represent some of the best services and products in the industry. The trust between our attendees and sponsors have lead to some very strong client & vendor relationships afterwards.


No one is an island. As a cybersecurity professional, you face an uphill battle. We all need support from each other throughout our careers. ShowMeCon was designed to ensure avenues that allow for this community. Whether it is through the CTF, the lockpicking village, the after party, or “HallwayCon,” we want to make sure you meet kindred people.

I want to personally thank everyone for all the messages of support throughout the past years as the conference was postponed during the pandemic and after I decided to cancel the con. ShowMeCon not running left me with a feeling that something was missing. We are going to continue to evolve and remain the highlight of the year.


Dave Chronister – Founder ShowMeCon LLC

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