780th MI Brigade

Become a member of the U.S. Army 780th Military Intelligence Brigade (Cyber Warfare) charged with maintaining U.S. military freedom of action in cyberspace while denying the same to adversaries.  As a Cyber Analyst, Operator or Software Engineer you will be working at the forefront of our nation’s growing and urgent need for cyber talent.  Be a part of history in a stable federal (non-military) government working environment, with competitive pay and benefits.


Analysts:  Conduct tactical and strategic network analysis and prepare vulnerability assessments of systems within wired and wireless networks to include anomaly detection, target digital network analysis, and provide forensic on captured materiel. Cyber analysts research, write, and prepare assessments and trend analyses of foreign state and non-state factors cyberspace capabilities, intentions, and activities.

Operators:  Conduct network reconnaissance and vulnerability analyses to map networks, identify strong points, vulnerabilities among network segments, and develop plans and strategies for the application of cyber capabilities. Using in-depth technical expertise in network architectures and protocols, computer components and peripherals, programming concepts and languages, operators develop exploitation opportunities and maintain situational awareness of ongoing network operations.

Software Engineers:  Conduct specialized research and analyses of current and emerging malicious software and hardware vulnerabilities in collaboration with the analytic community to design and develop advanced cyber technologies that enable the US military to retain competitive advantage in cyberspace.  Software Engineers translate functional and operational requirements to develop technical design specifications, write code, and assist in the training and deployment of advanced capabilities by cyber operators.