FireMon solutions deliver continuous visibility into and control over network security infrastructure, policies and risk. Using the FireMon Security Intelligence Platform, today’s enterprise organizations, government agencies and managed services providers dramatically improve effectiveness of  network defenses, optimizing investments and speeding response to changing business demands. Built around a massively scalable engine and distributed data architecture, FireMon Security Manager and the Policy Planner, Policy Optimizer and Risk Analyzer modules empower proactive firewall cleanup, policy change workflow, compliance assessment and IT risk mitigation – providing a closed loop approach to network security infrastructure management while reducing related expenses.

Security Manager, the foundation of the FireMon platform, offers practitioners in-depth visibility into firewall configurations – from single devices to large, multi-vendor environments – to eliminate overly permissive access and resulting gaps in security. With an intuitive dashboard interface that automatically displays wide range of key performance indicators, Security Manager arms today’s operations and management teams with the intelligence necessary to effectively tailor network enforcement to changing organizational requirements.

Leveraging Security Manager’s integrated Policy Planner and Policy Optimizer Modules, organizations gain detailed contextual information enabling more efficient network security policy implementation via automated change workflow and compliance assessment, rule recertification and removal, and standards-based ticketing systems integration. Using the Risk Analyzer module, IT risk management officials prioritize and mitigate known vulnerabilities based on real-world access exposure, preserving critical resources and reducing the attack surface.

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