Secure Ideas

Secure Ideas is an independent security consulting and penetration testing firm focused on providing organizations with the services and expertise necessary to improve the security posture of their computing and network environments. Services are designed to not simply identify vulnerabilities, but to provide clients with an objective understanding of their current security posture and perform unbiased consultation to effectively manage risk through practical remediation of vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Secure Ideas’ technical expertise is based on decades of hands-on experience. The senior consulting team constantly researches emerging exploits and vulnerabilities across multiple technologies and products while also developing frameworks, toolsets, and testing methodologies that have been leveraged in assisting many organizations in improving their network and application security. The breadth of our experience and expertise extend across multiple industries, including: financial services, healthcare and insurance, energy and utilities, technology, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, non-profit organizations, as well as local, state, and federal government. Given this collection of expertise and experience, Secure Ideas is able to provide a complete and unique perspective that is designed specifically for each organization.

The Secure Ideas senior consulting team features the author of three SANS Institute classes: SEC542: Web Application Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking, SEC642: Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing, and SEC571: Mobile Device Security. Secure Ideas believes in giving back to the security industry, and has demonstrated this philosophy by leading and participating in many open-source projects, such as: SamuraiWTF, Yokoso, Laudanum, Burp Plugins CO2 and Paramalyzer, MobiSec, ADHD, SH5ARK, BASE, and Weaponized Flash.