Cybersecurity veterans Chris Key and Ben Cianciaruso founded Verodin in 2014 to resolve an issue that has plagued the industry for decades and has previously been impossible to tackle with certainty. Organizations are unable to know the value that their security tools are providing, leaving them reliant on assumptions and overspending on unnecessary products believed to safeguard their critical assets.

Verodin’s mission is to completely remove assumptions by proving security effectiveness with quantifiable, evidence-based data. In doing so, the company has established a revolutionary new category within cybersecurity called Instrumentation. The Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) is a completely new, evidence-based approach to validating your security program. It’s the first business platform purpose-built to measure, manage and improve security effectiveness. Its deep integrations enable prevention, validation, detection, alerting, and more across endpoint, network, and cloud security solutions.

Verodin allows all members of the organization to understand and communicate data effectively to board members, C-level, and more. The platform’s prescriptive analysis guides security teams in improving tool configuration, eliminating gaps, and refining processes. Organizations are able to see what tools to optimize, retire, or add to their security stack. Don’t just assume cybersecurity effectiveness, prove it.