ShowMeCon: Pre-Conference Training with Real World Application

“The pre-conference training class was kept interesting and the information given was pertinent to real-life scenarios. Going to Hacker U’s class versus other training centers is the difference between knowing it, and being able to actually practice in the field! If I had to tell someone about Hacker University and the course… I would tell them to just go and learn from the experts!”   –   Brian B.

Need practical training that you can use after leaving the classroom? How about a class that your boss can justify sending you to because you will be able to use what you learn upon return to the office?

Whatever your reason…sharpening your chops, learning new skills or advancing your career, ShowMeCon’s pre-conference training classes can help you get achieve your goal.

Staffed with award-winning and industry recognized instructors, Hacker University has been recognized as a leader and influencer in information security training. With clients ranging from the U.S. Federal Government to global Fortune 500 companies and everything in between, Hacker University continues to blaze a trail in education due to unsurpassed experience and expertise in the information security, hacking and more. Because of this, our training classes are unmatched and have exceptionally high student success rates.

Hacker University recognizes the growing demand for information security education and training, so we have put together some of the most sought-after technical training and one certification class taught by those in the hacking and information security fields.

HANDS-ON HACKING WILL BE COMING BACK THIS YEAR! We are also offering Secure Routing & Switching along with Social Engineering & Pen Testing.

Join us June 8 -12, 2016 for pre-conference training as you take your knowledge and career to the next level while getting the most out of your training budget.

Contact us at info (at) showmecon (dot) com or call 314.442.0472. Hurry! Seated is limited.